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Election 2020 – Kpone Katamanso In Perspective.

Kpone Katamanso constituency is located at the Eastern part of the Greater Accra Region in Ghana. It stretches from the coast to the southern lower slopes of the Akuapim mountains. The constituency shares it boundaries to the southern belt with Ningo Pampram District on the South – East and Tema Metropolitan Assembly on the South – West. To the southern part of the constituency is the Gulf-of-Guinea.

Kpone Katamanso constituency has several communities, notable among them are; Zenu, Bawaleshie, Oyibi, Kpone, Gbetsile, Kakasonanka No.1, Santoh, Sarkey, Golf City. The Seventh Day Adventist Church most adorable private University, the Valley View University, is located in the constituency. The constituency also holds the Kpone Senior High School.

The era of Joseph Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo is finally coming to an end since he did not pick up nomination form to contest in the parliamentary primaries of the NDC. Currently the NDC has a parliamentary candidate in the person of Joseph Akuartey Tettey.

Who then takes up the mantle from him?

The NDC has settled on Joseph Akuartey Tettey.

1. Mark Fuachie Sobreh
2. Prince Dadzie
3. William Asante
4. David Q. Annang
5. Hopeson Yaw Adorye

The primaries of the ruling government’s party promises to be interesting.

The reality and the dynamics on the ground

Critical scrutiny of facts made available to the team by contacting about 72% (500) of the delegates in the constituency shows the following:

1. The three leading aspirants in no particular order are ; William Asante, Prince Dadzie and Hopeson Yaw Adorye.

2. Any of these three candidates can win the the election on 28th, September 2019.

3. The remaining two candidates, David Q. Annang and Mark Fuachie Sobreh have no chance of winning the contest taking into consideration any last minute political strategy and mafiasm.

What will be the impact should any of the three leading aspirants withdraw from the race?

1. Facts available to the team show that, should William Asante withdraw from the contest, Prince Dadzie will be the likely winner of the 28th,  September election. This is because, evidence available shows that delegates who vehemently accepted to vote for William Asante also said their preferred option after William Asante is Prince Dadzie. Their reason was based on the message of Prince Dadzie and his humility. Thereby placing him second after their choice (William Asante)

2. Should Hopeson Yaw Adorye withdraw from the contest, William Asante will be the likely winner. Here, assured delegates of Hopeson Yaw Adorye clearly stated that the charisma the see in their first choice ( Hopeson) can partially be found in William. They talked about stature, which they argued that matters a lot in their constituency. They linked the presidency connection of his brother ( David Asante) to William. And argued that their first choice (Hopeson) is well connected to the presidency so if William’s brother ( David Asante) M.D. Ghana publishing equally has that connection with the presidency, then William Asante will be their second choice based on their decision of votting for someone with a presidential link.

3. Should Prince Dadzie withdraw from the contest, again, William Asante will be the likely winner of the contest. The delegates likely to vote for Prince argued that their choice for him is based on humility, quick response to their calls, his message and respect for them. They clearly said , these qualities found in Prince are oppositely in Adorye hence William Asante as their second choice.

What then happens should all the three leading aspirants stay in the contest?

Facts available to the team shows that a winner can only distinguish himself based on the last minute political strategy and mafiasm.

Easy communications World Ltd. wishes all aspirants well and ask for free and fair elections. Let’s continue to deepen our democracy.


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  1. Prince Dadzie is the best choice to actual lead the Npp in the 2020 election if we really want to takeover the seat for the first time. That guy is solid, courageous and know how to talk and handle his subordinates as well.
    His mutton : Nyame nsa wom 🙏

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