Emmanuel Okyere Mensah gives the history of the Ghana movie industry as far back as 1948.


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Of late, the Ghana movie industry has been suffering and struggling to survive in the global completion. This is something most people have attributed to the laziness of the industrial players and their failure to learn and advance in their film making techniques. Our correspondence got closer to one of the new and trending film producers in Accra and he feels it is time film makers learn the history of the industry in which they find themselves. Emmanuel Okyere Mensah who has produced movies like ‘Ghost In Chains’, ‘U-10’ and several others said in an interview that, ‘As film makers, we need to know our history to know where we are coming from and where we are going’.
He affable producer in his residence told us the Ghana film industry dates back to 1948 when the Gold Coast film unit was set up in the Information Services Department. African Pictures Ltd started operations around that same time. In 1971, the Ghana film industry corporation was created as a corporate body but ceased to exist as far back a 1996 when it was divested and a greater percentage of it’s equity holding were sold out to Malaysian interest.
Emmanuel Okyere Mensah continued that long before the divestiture, the corporation had stopped the production of ‘black and white’ films as from 1990. Some internationally recognized film makers have come from Ghana. John Akomfra’s ‘Goldie’, ‘When Saturn returnz’ joined the festival circuit in 1999. Ghana’s best known film maker, Kwah Ansah of Film Africa fame whose two films, ‘Love Brewed in the African Pot’ and ‘Heritage Africa’ won more than 12 awards in 1999. Ghana film awards were instituted to acknowledge the efforts of crew and cast and notable among the entries that were nominated and won awards were, ‘A stab in the dark’ and ‘Ripples’, both directed by Veronica Quarshie, a graduate from NAFTI.
Emmanuel Okyere Mensah who is in his early 30s was asked how come he has such an in depth knowledge about the movie industry and this was his reply. ‘ As a young producer seeking to distinguish yourself in the film industry, research and studies is a must and it is the lack of a learning attitude of most film makers that has brought the movie industry down to it’s knees.’
Emmanuel Okyere Mensah, the proprietor of E-Motion Ventures and the Head of productions at Jemmbridge Media Consult has launched his latest and one of his best movies on his youtube channel, Mynewsghana Tv and can be watched by the link

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