The Director of Farmer Services at Farmer line has reiterated the need for Ghanaian farmers to be equipped with the appropriate technology to help them grow more.
According to Mr. Schandolf Bright Adu, Ghana has about 50% of her workforce in the Agric Sector and this data, if not increased by the year 2050 could result in scarcity of food and a resultant hunger and starvation.
Mr. Adu gave the caution in an interview with Edwin Larbi on Rite FM’s Agrotech show.
“Currently, Ghana has about 50% of its workforce in the agric sector and this statistic if not increased by the year 2050 could end the country up in food shortage,” he said.
He explained that the world’s population keeps increasing steadily and is expected to reach 9.6 billion by the year 2050; a situation he asserts must prompt Ghanaian farmers into planting more.
“As the world’s populace keep growing steadily, it is predicted to reach 9.6 billion by the year 2050, and this situation must prompt Ghanaian farmers into planting more to feed the increasing population,” he added.
He added that, to meet such a heavy demand, agriculture and food systems need to adapt the use of technology in their activities to make them more resilient, productive and sustainable.
Mr. Schandolf emphasized that, the technological use will just focus on the field work but other factors like harvesting, storage, packing, transport, infrastructure, market mechanisms, as well as institutional policies are equally critical in ensuring food security for the population.
He regretted the ‘poor’ state of most Ghanaian farmers which he attributed to their deficiency in the use of modern farming equipment.
“The livelihood of farmers has never changed despite their contributions in feeding the country and this is because they lack basic access to technology and information sharing especially in areas of marketing of their foodstuffs and that explains why they are being cheated by market folks,” he underscored.
Source: Joyce Bedeley/