Essien’s Marriage Follows Suit; Wife Abandons Him After Revelation


Slay Queen Princess Shyngle has succeeded in causing havoc in the marriage of footballer Michael Essien as reports trickling in suggests, the footballer’s marriage could be heading to divorce.

Princess Shyngle in an interview on Delay’s show confessed that she dated Michael Essien for a year some time ago after Delay questioned her why she was seen kissing the footballer in public. According to Princess, she didn’t know Essien was married and later found out on Google.

According to Ghanacelebrities,Micheal Essien’s wife, Akosua Puni has packed all her things from her matrimonial home after she learned her husband was ‘genging and benging’ Princess Shyngle for a year.

We don’t know the thing about footballers and scandals hitting their way, with slay queens always in the picture.

From the look of things, a divorce is eminent in Michael’s case unless his wife, Akosua Puni gets a change of heart.

Well, that’s what you get for dating dump girls like Shyngle who sit on TV and confess they dated a married man knowing very well, once his name has been mentioned, things could turn mess.


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