Every new year, you say things will get better but it worsens- Ghanaians attack KUFUOR over ‘Better 2019’ talk


Some Ghanaians are accusing former President John Agyekum Kufuor of repeating the same set of assurance every new year without adding his voice to their suffering.

Mr. Kufuor is reported to have said 2019 will be a good year and things will be better for Ghanaians in general.

He encouraged Ghanaians to expect better things from the coming year and enjoy the Christmas season.

“Things are looking up and so my prayer really is that next year will be prosperous for our nation, for all of us inclusively and Ghana should move ahead”, he said.

“Let’s all be tolerant and patient and let’s have fellow feeling. We are all one and the same people in one country and this country is blessed really by God, so let’s enjoy the Christmas and look ahead with confidence”. He added.

But genuine Ghanaians whose views MyNewsGh.com sampled from social media say the former President says the same things almost every year to buy time for Akufo-Addo.

See some comments:

“Smdh.. We need to line up all these misleaders and whip them very well”

“All the woes of Ghana are the cause of Kufuor who has got the gut to talk like that today.”

“You those people said 2018 is prosperous where is it. now you jump to next year is your last warning disgrace leaders”

“Are you God, you people were part of all this hardship in the country.There is no job for the youth and this government is only interested in taxing the youth and you think next year will be prosperous Mr JAK?”

“No no no,npp always promised next next before your eyes open that time your in opposition, because president himself promised Ghanaians will be laughed 2019 budget but still things never change,majority Ghanaians complain about huge duties in port but the president and his vice close their eyes and ears, this is the major things causing Ghanaian economy also make hard for the citizens Ghanaians.”

“U said same thing two years ago and last year”

“Fmr Prez Kofour will never say this. Is a lie”

“An insult to GhanaiansThis okumfu dumfu too. Make we think wai. Abi he’s been paid every month without doing any job, so he go talk so. Even after all the kickbacks!!!”

“Amen. But Pls Tell Nana To Stop Making Free Shs A Priority Because Its Draining The Economy. They Buy Expensive Books,PTA,Mattress And The Poor Still Goes To TheThird Class Schools So The Rich Is Still On Top. Villagers Say “We Thought It Was Completely Free” Pls Look At The Others Too.”

“Oluman gyae de3 wokyer3 no na y3n bo anfu wo”.

Every new year, you say things will get better but it worsens- Ghanaians attack KUFUOR over ‘Better 2019’ talk 1

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