EXPOSED!!! MPS Take home Ex-Gratia of GHC452,000 for 4 years work

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News information coming has shown how each and every Member of Parliament after serving for a four-year tenure in office would receive a whopping amount of Ghc452,000 as send-off money for serving the country.

Well, the question is why should it be so?? It can be stated as a fact that these ministers make lots of money whiles serving the country and also have a lot of incentives that come with the work which should be enough for them to ignore the ex gratia for it to be used in building the nation which they claim to love and be serving.

MP Ex Gratia

In the latest development, the ministers have called for an increment in the amount of ex gratia that they receive stating the reason that it is not enough and they deserve more for the hard work that they keep doing in building the nation.

According to the members of parliament, they would want their ex gratia to be increased to Ghc600,000 which is very absurd comparing the little development they bring to society.

Netizens upon hearing about the ex gratia been received have expressed shock with many calling for it to be scrapped away.



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