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Facebook Slayqueen, Akosua Barbie died from husband-snatching curse – Friends

The mysterious death of a popular Facebook slay queen, Akosua Barbie who is reported to have died after battling with some illness is still trending on social media and people are still wondering what the cause of her death might be.

Well, per the information gathered from audio recorded by her close friends, the young lady died as a result of a curse invoked on her by a married woman.

In the Whatsapp conversation purported to have happened between some of the deceased’s friends, it was disclosed that Akosua Barbie had been cursed by the woman after she snatched her husband.

According to the conversation, Akosua Barbie felt unwell and when the woman was confronted, she denied invoking a curse on her for snatching her husband.

Akosua Barbie felt seriously sick and upon further enquiry from the woman, she revealed that she was the one who invoked curses on her but the stage which the sickness has reached is too late; that means even if the curse is revoked, Akosua would still lose her life. She died eventually.

Listen to the audio below:



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