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Failed NDC Parliamentary Aspirant Shakes Akatsi South Constituency With PPEs And Communication Gadgets.

A Parliamentary Aspirants in the August 2019 of NDC Parliamentary Primaries in the Akatsi South Constituency, Mr. Samuel B. K. Nugblega has donated items worth one hundred and fifty thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC150,000.00) to the NDC party and various health facilities in the Akatsi South Constituency to augment the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.
The items and institutions that he donated to are stated below:
A set of megaphones for mounting on party van of the constituency
5 mobile megaphones for distribution to all 5 zones
3 boxes (150 pieces) of surgical mask for NDC Constituency Party office.
1 box of hand sanitizers for distribution to party executives present.
Hand Sanitizer – 1 box each
Surgical – 1 box each (100 pieces)
N95 – 1 box each (40 pieces)
A set of megaphones for mounting on District Health Directorate van
Surgical – 50 boxes (2,500 pieces)
N95 – 50 boxes (1,000 pieces)
Total – 100 boxes (3,500 pieces)
Bedsheets – 200
Pillow cases –  82
Overalls  – 179
Hand towels – 320
Hand sanitizer:
Boxes –  6
Gallons –  2
Syringes and needles with syringe tray – 0ver 10,000
Poly Clinical Tubes – 100
Nebulizer –  2
Cylinder Holder –  1
Anesthesia Breathing Circuit –  60
Different kinds of catheter – 300
Some other item for theatre use-
Additionally, Mr. Nugblega presented 30 Packs of bottled water and 24 Packs of soft drinks; including 4 packs of malta guinness
The items for the health facilities were officially handed over to the District Director of Health services, Dr. George Nyarko and were subsequently distributed among ten health facilities, including the three private hospitals in the Akatsi township
Receiving the items, Dr. Nyarko expressed appreciation to the philanthropist, and assured him that the items will be put to the best use for the benefit of both the health workers and the clients who will visit the facilities. He assured Mr. Nugblega that the District Health Directorate in collaboration with the health facilities are making every efforts to ensure that the fight against the COVID-19 is won in the district.
On his part, Mr. Nugblega, as he is popularly known, indicated that the coronavirus pandemic is no respecter of persons for which reason everybody is at risk. He noted that the best way of dealing with the virus is to prevent as there is no cure for it at the moment. That is why he has presented the megaphones to both the NDC party and the District Directorate of Health Services to intensify health education and promotions towards the prevention of the COVID-19 in the district.
Mr. Nugblega commended the Leader and Flagbearer of the NDC party H.E. John Dramani Mahama for not just directing all members of the NDC to contribute to the national effort in fighting the COVID-19, but has also taken the lead in donating various items across the country in support of the Government efforts in this regard. He further commended all who have contributed in diverse ways in resourcing the Akatsi South District Health Directorate and the Health facilities in the district; including the Member of parliament (MP), Hon. Bernard Ahiafor  who donated Veronica buckets ,liquid soaps and  Hand Sanitizers to improve personal hygiene in the district.
According to him, the COVID-19 is the common enemy of everyone and we cannot depend on government and the MP alone as far as the fight against coronavirus is concerned. He therefore called on all well-meaning citizens of Avenor to contribute in whatever way they can, to support in the fight against this deadly coronavirus.
He called on the citizenry to observe all the directives outline by the President, H. E. Nana Akofo Addo, World Health Organization and the preventive measures outlined by the Health Authorities; including frequent washing of hands under running water, frequent use of hand sanitizers, social spacing and eating food that will strengthen our immune system.
He said, being a native of Avenor and a member of the Opposition NDC, he will continue to support the party in particular, and the constituency in general in whatever way he can. The Director of Human Resources for health of the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG), Mr. Nugblega assured the District Health Directorate and the entire Constituency that he has more to offer and that they should hope for more from him.

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