Farmers Urged To Adopt Internet Marketing


President of the Akuafo and Market Association, Mr. Jacob Adzikah has urged farmers to adopt e-marketing to easily sell or find market for their produce even before harvesting since the system has changed into a global village.
He made the call on the Rite Morning Ride with host Captain Adabugar.
He said the main objective of the Akuafo and Market Association is to find ready market for farmers to sell their produce after harvesting or even before so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.
“The Association prior to its formation knew the challenges that farmers went through during the cause of the farming business which is why we are making this call on them,” Mr. Adzika explained.
He identified the lack of education as a key challenge confronting farmers; a situation he said had incapacitated them from accessing the internet.
“The Association has realized that most farmers are illiterates and what we intend doing to solve the problem is that in our 2018 action plan, we will be organizing workshops regularly to educate members especially on how to access the internet to easily get market for their product even if they are yet to harvest them.
Source: Oberteye//[email protected]

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