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The Member of Parliament for Cape Coast South Constituency, Kweku Ricketts-Hagan is in great fears as his two main contenders, Mr. Thomas Hughes Amissah (Skillful) and  Mr. Henry Osei (Shoe) are bent on making sure that he does not become the party’s candidate in 2020.
The NDC opened nomination for their parliamentary primaries yesterday, 10th July to Friday, 12th July, 2019 but as at this morning, the Regional Chairman of the party is holding on to the forms of Cape Coast South Constituency because he is making every means possible to ensure that, Ricketts-Hagan runs unopposed.
The Central Regional Chairman of the main opposition party, Lawyer E. K. T. Addo is using his mafia tactics to prevent the potential candidates from contesting the failed MP who neglected the constituency since he was re-elected in 2016.
The Regional Chairman and the Regional Treasurer met with the MP and the two aforementioned aspirants to plead on the MP’s behalf to let him run unopposed. In the said meeting, Kweku Ricketts Hagan confessed that, when elections were held on that day, he would definitely lose because the party delegates have lost interest in him. But his argument was that, he was more preferred candidate to the general masses. According to the MP, he cannot win the party’s primaries but he can win two general election.
Per his analogy, the chairman and the treasurer persuaded Skillful and Shoe to step down for Ricketts-Hagan since they believe the sitting MPs in the Central Region must be allowed to run unopposed.
Meanwhile, other three NDC MPs in the Central Region, Ato Forson, Pokuah Sawyerr and Samuel Atta Mills are not in any fear of losing their seat because they are on the ground unlike Ricketts-Hagan who is discribed by his party members as prodigal MP.
Majority of the delegates in the Cape Coast South Constituency are likely to give the nod to Thomas Hughes Amissah (Skillful) to lead them into 2020 parliamentary elections because he is more preferable.
When I spoke to both camps of Skillful and Shoe, they all confessed that, they are not much bothered if any of the two candidates wins the primaries. They all have a common agenda of ensuring that Ricketts-Hagan does not lead them again.
Enough of his lackadaisical attitude. They are fed up with the way he disrespects his constituents. If Ricketts-Hagan goes unopposed as the party’s candidate, there would be serious aparthy in the party.
My checks at the constituency executive members shown that the Constituency Chairman, Elvis Korankye-Taylor is part of the scheme to make Ricketts Hagan a sole candidate. The vice chairman, George Border Koufie is in full support of Mr. Henry Osei (Shoe) and the Secretary is in support of Thomas Hughes Amissah (Skillful).
Expect more news soon.
Report by Ebo Oboamah Amissah
Cape Coast

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