Featured: Press Statement by Kwame Abronye DC’s Campaign team

Kwame Baffoe, Brong Ahafo Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party
Kwame Baffoe, Brong Ahafo Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party
Our attention has been drawn to an audio which is being circulated by Mr. Maxwell Mahama the aide to the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister (Hon. Asomah Cheremeh) alleging that, Abronye DC has said that, “if the Regional Minister wants to destroy the region then he (Abronye) will help him do so”. The audio further alleges that Abronye DC has been speaking against the party.
We would like to state categorically and unambiguously clear without mincing words that the tape / audio which is being circulated around is an heavily edited  and reframed audio which is meant to maliciously damage the reputation of *Kwame Abronye who is contesting for the regional 1st vice Chairmanship position* and to enable his political opponents score political points against him.
We will like to  disassociate ourselves from same tape and we would also like to make it known to the people of Brong Ahafo and the entire citizenry that, Kwame Abronye has good plans for the region and has no intention of whatsoever to  help anyone destroy his own hometown and parent town. If some people have the intention to destroy the region, he doesn’t share the same sentiment with them but  he will rather fight against such people
For the purposes of the record, we would like all to note and further clear all ambiguities that the  controversial issue in the region of which  Kwame Abronye came out to speak to clear doubts was when the DKM saga popped up in the region.
 Kwame Abronye told the general public that, the immovable property (building) of DKM have been fraudulently, spuriously, suppositiously and deceptively purchased by the body guard of the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister (Kweku Asomah Cheremeh)  by name Faisal Alhasan. This statement by Kwame Abronye developed a lot of  heated controversies of which several persons doubted the authenticity of the statement made by Kwame until the Sunyani High Court presided over by Her Lordship Madam Amanda Aikins on the 25th February 2018 held that, the manner through which the DKM building was purchased was not correct in the eyes of the law and therefore the building should be released to the official liquidator and further made available for liquidation some that all those who had deposited their monies there would be compensated accordingly.
The court stated that Fisal Alhasan who happens to be the body guard of the regional minister did not purchase the building legitimately.
This decision by the court vindicated Kwame Abronye and further confirmed the authenticity of the allegations he had earlier on made against the regional Minister’s body guard. The statement made by Kwame Abronye and the subsequent decision by the Sunyani High Court protected the reputation of the NPP in the region which made all to know the party does not condone and concur to corruption.
However to add to that, the market women, traders and all others who were affected by the DKM saga sung songs of praises to President Nana Addo and Kwame Abronye that if it hadn’t been for their intervention, they wouldn’t have gotten their monies back.
We will publish the decision of the court for the avoidance of doubt.
Furthermore Mr. Maxwell Mahama aide to the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister has speculated all over that, “Kwame Abronye does not like the New Patriotic Party and that he hasn’t been of any help and use to the party”. This is a clear fallacy which should be disregarded by all.
We will like to unfold that the aide  to the B/A Regional Minister was the person who hired People to circulate a video recorded by one Kweku shirt of the NDC insulting the current president and tagging him with corruption allegations.  In the video, Kweku Shirt added that Kwame Abronye has always been defending the president when it comes to corruption related issues and for that reason he went ahead to attack Abronye and made several unfounded allegations against him.
Everyone in Brong Ahafo knows the good work Abronye has done for the party. All delegates in the region and party executives across the country know the commitment of Kwame Abronye in the region and they are therefore ready to support him in all ways.
Because of his dedication and hard work for the party, he has received massive endorsement from persons of high reputations such as *Hon.  Kennedy Agyapong, Wofa Kwabena Kyakye, Hon. Collins Owusu Amankwa and His Excellency the president himself*, just to mention a few.
It is not today that we will talk about the commitment and  demonstrate how hard Kwame Abronye has worked for the party.
Finally, we would like everyone to be on the watch and expect such fallacious, unfounded and unwise allegations about Kwame Abronye which would be coming from Mr. Maxwell Mahama and his team.
We will therefore entreat all to disregard same informations and treat them as empty talks since they will do so to score cheap political points.
In conclusion we will like to caution the opponents for Kwame Abronye who is Number 5 on the 1st vice Chairmanship ballot that they should desist from their barbaric campaign strategies and concentrate on selling their messages across if the have any because such barbaric campaign tactics will be at their own detriment and may affect our beloved party.
We will further like advice Maxwell Mahama to be careful about his tactics further caution him to be mindful of the mess he is creating as the municipal director of NHIS in the region before he is exposed.
*God bless NPP*
*God bless Brong Ahafo*
*God bless Ghana*
*God bless Kwame Baffoe Abronye
Lawrence K. Botchway
(Campaign PRO)

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