Female Footballers Getting Pregnant Due To Coronavirus – Hillary Boateng

Chairperson of the Women’s League Board, Hillary Boateng has bemoaned the negative effects of COVID-19 on female footballers as many are being impregnated.

Boateng sharing his thought on the effect of coronavirus pandemic said that female footballers are getting pregnant due to lack of football-related activities.

She stressed many of the female clubs have not put themselves in positions that will enable them to start their league.

She maintained that Footballers in her league lack basic equipment’s to perform self-training, and the situation is one that will go a long way to affect the future of female Footballers.

“I felt so sad when I was told one of my girls has been impregnated during the Lockdown period, a player with very good promise, and it’s so worrying, I will plead with my female footballers not to allow themselves to be used and dumped,” She told Adom FM in an interview.

Madam Boateng opined that it will be difficult to raise money for the various clubs should the Ghana FA decides to play behind closed doors.

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“Even if we decide to play under closed doors, how can the women league committee raise money for the clubs, especially when players are not allowed to even train on their own,” she concluded.

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