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VIDEO: Female SHS student twerks to naked in classroom at prep hours to confuse learning students – WATCH VIDEO

This generation is damn sick in reference to morality. Gone are the days when anything sex is considered abominable to cite if one is below 18 years.

But someway somehow, the story is entirely different as we speak as Ghanaians in their adolescent stages know no shame!! Regardless,  you can’t actually blame them; sex has taken over the media space as all our secular songs, as well as adverts, are explicit.

Ahhh well, there’s this viral footage we’ve sighted which captures a lady who’s most likely to be a senior high school student. She’s jamming on to Medikal’s “Wrowro Ho” song and as a result, she partly removed her dress per the dictates of the rhythm of the song.

What’s surprising about the trending footage is that whiles the female student was twerking to Medikal’s “Wrowro Ho”, other students in the classroom were busily learning. Consequently, one won’t be far from right to predict doom when she sits for WASSCE – Grade D.

Watch Video:


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