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As part of measures to ensure final year students of the Tamale Technical University reporting back to campus stay safe from Covid-19, students were asked to first go to the school clinic for screening.

According to management, the move was part of measures to ensure all students go through the necessary protocols of Covid-19.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Sunday, June 14 reiterated that schools will be reopened to final year tertiary students on Monday, June 15 but only after strict safety protocols are adhered to.

Tamale Technical University is one of the schools visited by the

At the entrance of the University, there was no provision to test students who enter through the main gate.

No Veronica bucket was also placed there for hand washing.

From the entrance, the next port of call was the lecture halls.

Only one Veronica bucket was positioned at the entrance of the ICT Block of the school.

A few students were seen seated on some benches outside.

Lecture halls remained closed.

The few students were all in their nose masks.

They also observed some level of social distance.

At the hostel of residence on campus, no student was found there. gathered that those who reported earlier had to go to the school clinic to go through some screening.

At the clinic, an infrared gun thermometer, a box containing 500 pieces of nose masks and some Veronica buckets were seen.

The resident Medical Director of the Clinic, Dr. Sumani Razak, told the news team the decision to first screen the students at the clinic was necessary to ensure their safety.

He added that some nurses will later be stationed at the halls of residence to continue with the exercise there.

“Management has made available a room and other materials to permanently station nurses at the hostel to respond to the health issues of the students especially in the wake of this Covid-19 pandemic.”

The SRC President, Ayambire Alhassan, told the move by management was in the interest of students.

Some of the students who were on campus at the time of visit shared their views with the news team.

Meanwhile, checks from the Tamale Campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS) reveal, all the protocols were being observed.

By Christopher Amoako||Northern Region|Ghana

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