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First Deputy Speakers decision to count himself was beyond the truth – Dr. Draman

The decision by the First Deputy Speaker Hon Joseph Osei Owusu who presided over last Monday’s rowdy parliamentary proceedings when the controversial E–Levy was laid before the house for voting was a bit of a stretch (something beyond the truth).

“I think yesterday’s position that he (Hon Deputy Speaker Joseph Osei Owusu) took was quite a bit of a stretch. That shouldn’t have been the case”. The Executive Director of the African Center for Parliamentary Affairs (ACEPA) Dr Rasheed Draman has said.

According to Dr Rasheed Draman, since it was the Speaker’s decision that was challenged by the minority, he shouldn’t have made an attempt to count himself.

ACEPA also blamed the Deputy Speaker for the fisticuffs that took place in Parliament last night.

“It’s your ruling that was being challenged and you get up and say I can vote. And certainly, if you are going to vote on your ruling we know what was going to happen to add that, his decision was a bit strange”. Dr. Rasheed Draman said.

“Looking at the rules in a different way, I have never heard the speaker presiding and at the same time being counted”, he added.

In Parliament Monday night, some minority and majority Members clashed over the decision by Deputy Speaker Hon Joseph Osei – Owusu to vote while he presided over Parliamentary proceedings at the same time.

The minority could not fathom why Hon Joseph Osei – Owusu will bend the law and vote when their standing orders stipulate that the Speaker does not have the right to vote.

Some minority MPs, therefore, moved to whisk the Speaker’s seat away when he handed over to the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament; a move which was resisted by the Majority and ended up in a fight between both sides of the house.




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