Only fools give lotto numbers in church – Prophet Kofi Oduro


Head Pastor of Alabasta International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro has hit hard at men of God who take undue advantage of their position and ministries, to exhibit foolery and abuse the anointing of God upon their lives.

Prophet Oduro, whilst speaking to his congregants during a service described as ‘fools’, pastors who use their platforms to promote gambling of which lottery. By ‘fools’ he says, he is merely re-echoing that which has been stated in the Bible in Psalm 94, that there are fools in every nation.

Psalm 94:8 reads [Take notice, you senseless ones among the people; you fools, when will you become wise?]

“Every nation has fools, just so I’m not doubted, let’s read from Psalm 94:8, when you say it, they say you are insulting them, hear the word of God”, he said.

“There are fools in every nation, UK, America, Nigeria, we are too many in Ghana and it runs into government, it runs into kingship, the fools are the ones who scatter when you are trying to gather, fools are the ones who work lotto in the offices, fools are the ones who start a church and give lotto numbers, they are all fools”, he continued.

The man of God further expressed displeasure at the rate at which sin and immorality is engulfing the nation. Castigating politicians, men of God and citizens alike, he said;

“Sometimes you see what leaders, elderly people do and you can’t understand. People your children’s age, you’ll be having sex with them. I’m asking my honourables.., Legon girls, are they not young enough to be your daughters? don’t you sleep with them?”

“Listen and change from your sinful ways. You do this and look for pastors to come pray over your corpses when you die, is it prayers over your corpse that will save you? And the pastors too will wear collars and go and pray for salvation of the deceased’s soul”.

“Will even humans listen? How much more God? …… you pray asking God to save people because they built churches and others, are you the only one building for God? Do you know the mosques people have built for God? Can you bribe him with your church building? Listen, if you don’t change your ways and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour, you are on your way to hell”.

“Bragging about things you’ve done in and for the church, I’m telling those of you who have married 2, 3 wives, concubines, you are missing the kingdom of God”.

He urged the church to wake up, desist pampering church members and preach the unadulterated word of God without fear or favour even if some toes are stepped on.

“If the church does not wake up to preach with anointing and in a radical fashion, very soon, you will come to church and people are having sex on the altar”. “Men are now competing how many bouts of sex they can have and women are giving it for free”.

“Going to church has become like a useless fashion that we practice on a weekly basis, it brings no profitability to us, listen very well. I want the leaders to listen because they deceiving people together with pastors. We have every moral right to question you because we don’t live the kind of lives you live. I challenge you, even if you like, bring investigative journalists to probe”.

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