Football fan spends 60 hours getting jersey tattooed on his body


A Peruvian football fan recently showed his love for his favorite club by getting their jersey tattooed straight on his body.

The tattoo took a total of 60 hours to complete, and has been getting mixed reactions on social media.

The unnamed man’s giant tattoo has been getting a lot of attention online since last month, when Jean Pierre Salinas, a tattoo artist at the Lima 13 tattoo studio started posting videos of the making-of process on Facebook.

But while some appreciated the fan’s dedication to his beloved club, Alianza Lima, others said that he went too far and even mocked the man, claiming that while the team’s colors were white and blue, his darker skin tone created a brown and blue combination instead.

“It’s not madness, it’s passion,” Jean Pierre Salinas wrote on Facebook. “He had been wanting to get this tattoo for a long time, but only recently got the guts to go through with it.”


Apparently, the die-hard fan of Alianza Lima isn’t even from the Peruvian capital.

He actually lives in England and had just came home for the holidays, which meant Salinas only had a few days to finish the tattoo before the guy went back to England.

The tattoo artist started on December 13 and worked for a total of around 60 hours until December 19. He documented the process on his Facebook page, by uploading several videos.

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