Footballer Arrested For Stabbing Girl After Attempting To Defile Her


Elijah Boadu, a footballer who stabbed a 14-year old girl after he attempted to have sex with her, has been arrested by the Police at Odorkor in Accra.
Boadu, 18 years, is alleged to have stabbed the victim on her right shoulder and lower abdomen with a knife and escaped, a source close to the Police has said.
The Police source said the victim and the suspect resided at Odorkor Official Town.
On December 10, this year, at about 0230 hours, while the victim was asleep in her room, the suspect entered the room.
According to the source the suspect sat on the victim thighs and attempted to have sex with the victim.
“The victim refused and started shouting for help. The suspect then stabbed the victim on her left shoulder and lower abdomen with a knife and escaped.”
The shouts of the victim woke her uncle up who chased the suspect, who left behind his torn boxer shorts.
The Suspect, the source said, was arrested around the victim’s house and handed over to the Police while a medical form was issued to the victim to seek medical advice.
It said the suspect would soon be put before court.
Source: GNA

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