Former Deputy National Coordinator for Gyeeda Commends Hon. Mustapha Hamid for been committed Muslim as a politician in Ghana

Hon.Tapsoba Alhassan, Former Deputy National Coordinator for Gyeeda in charge of Operations applaud the inner city and Zongo development minister, Hon.Mustapha Abdul-Hamid for been devoted Muslim as a politician.
Speaking with Abdul Basit, Mr. Tapsoba confirmed that, he has been in various place in the Ashanti Region and beyond praising the gentleman, “personally I have never spoken with him before in my life, but honestly we met in
different occasions but I did not introduce myself to him when we were in power and I have been listening to him and also following on Radio and TV stations about how he presents himself when it comes to issues affecting Muslim’s”.
Politically am strong and dedicated NDC member as Mustapha Hamid being NPP, when it comes to being religious, he is a mentor to me although he is my junior brother. I personally respect and love and cherish him when it comes to religious issues in politics and how dedicated he is as a Muslim politician.
When you come to the Islam body we have a lot sect’s such Al-sunnah, Tijania, Shia etc am not trying to interfere his sect but to encourage Mustapha Hamid to continued the good work he is doing for the nation and Muslims at large.
The former minister of information is a junior brother, it is not because am in need of a favour in his governance there is the need to congratulate him when he is working hard for his name to be documented in the Ghanaian history book but if I need favour I will go to my NDC people, not Mustapha Hamid ,any favour is favour but materialistic no way unless advice as my brother in Islam,  I have learnt a lot from Hamid when it comes to religious issues in the nation. I am being very honest and humble to him.
He further added “I am not praising Mustapha Hamid politically am very clear to myself is base on religious in my party Hon.Muntaka Mubarak the asawase Mp is one of them and few but Mustapha Hamid is an example to others and exceptional dedicated Muslims”. As currently Mustapha Hamid is a defender to Muslims in Ghana at large and I am proud of him
Story by: Abdul Basit Yakub Ouedraogo

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