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Fresh Constitution For Ghana? Though Late, It’s Never Too Late

Twenty-seven years of living with the devil under diabolic laws called national constitution is quite a long time. However, upon reading British constitutional history, the British endured centuries of Monarchical tyranny until the coming into force of a constitutional revolution in 1688 when the sovereignty of parliament was guaranteed from the hands of the Monarchy approximately 400 years ago.

Never did any post-independence, and post-republican Ghanaian ever think of being taken for slaves in our own country under such cruel and henotic laws by our own people as leaders. John Mensah-Sarba & co had very good and selfless intentions for us.

Even if Jerry John Rawlings of all people, who has had little academic achievements, and who led his “abongo boys” into forming some bad composite constituent assembly that produced this document has now realised the myriad ills in the constitution, then it is believed that our so-called intellectuals need immediate requickening to ginger them up into action for Ghana. It was for the sake and protection of John Rawlings, for the atrocities he had committed against his fellow Ghanaians out of hatred and vindictiveness that Ghana’s constitution was so drafted, most particularly the odious and protective INDEMNITY CLAUSE for Presidents.

Upon assuming office as President His Excellency J A Kufuor wanted to broker peace by constituting a reconciliation commission. Jerry John Rawlings was invited, but he arrogantly and vehemently turned it down, as he had the support of some NDC herd-following without reason hoodlums.

In fact, a quasi-military rule had only just been voted out in a democratic elections. Ex-president Kufuor had to tread carefully, as Rawlings’s established 64 battalion trigger-happy and blood-thirsty soldiers, headed by sadist Col Gbevlo Lartey were ever poised to oust the Kufuor administration at the least opportunity.

Ghana and Ghanaians have matured enough to tolerate military take-overs, so it was expected that President Akufo-Addo, a supposed “champion” of human rights law, the presidential candidate who bragged about to create a lot of changes in Ghana would organise a national referendum for Ghanaians to decide on the acceptability or unacceptably of the Ghana constitution as it stands today.
If even J J Rawlings, for whose sake and protection for having commited atrocious crimes against Ghanaians under the umbrella of a so-called revolution has realised how bad Ghana’s constitution is, then indeed, Ghanaians, including our elite professors etc need to blame ourselves.

At the BBC studios off Oxford street, Akufo-Addo overtly avowed that the Ghana constitution wasn’t at all a good law, and needed several amendments or rewriting.
Today, there’s Akufo-Addo in power as President of Ghana, and what has he done about his avowed constitutional changes? Is the constitution of Ghana now an excellent legal document for him to use?

Akufo-Addo sees the indemnity clause in the constitution as a protective shield that keeps his 41 family members and in-laws from falling foul to the laws from meriting their desired punishment for their in-going corruption and malfeasance in several public offices of trust.

In fact, Akufo-Addo as President, hasn’t got the fortitude, wisdom, selflessness, patriotism, and foresight to organise for any constitutional review or changes to best suit Ghana’s development circumstances. It will be easy for him as Mr “promissor” to readily promise doing it, but it will take him a lifetime to even start thinking about it. Even if he’s put under pressure to do it, he’ll select the most incompetent of the incompetent in Ghana to form the Commission. He’d rather prefer maintaining the existing constitutional status quo to his benefit, and to benefit his counterpart, John Mahama.

It will therefore take a substituted NPP leader and Presidential candidate for the 2024 elections who, with determination and commitment, will hold the bull by the horns, and constitute professional and competent doers for a constitutional review and amendment Commission to execute this task within six months of assuming office as President of Ghana, plus all the many other unfulfilled promises such as his vaingloriously promised claptrap onslaught on corruption, his equality before the law, his enforcement of social discipline etc, that were all promised by Akufo-Addo but have become unfulfilled, before Ghana’s development can commence making a pace, and begin to gallop.
His priority is to collapse judges’ residences in central Accra to build a thank you cathedral for the God who glorified his bid to be elected President of Ghana, his lifetime dream, without an inkling thinking of the plight of the people of Ghana whose votes have made him who he is today.

Remember that Akufo-Addo promised setting up a Special Prosecutor to deal with corruption, which reluctantly took him almost two years to do, notwithstanding the fact that the Special Prosecutor has become a toothless bulldog without any canine teeth to attack. Furthermore, how can a single Special Prosecutor’s office in Accra serve all related cases in a country that has a record epidemic level of corruption, without establishing Regional and District offices with well equipped lawyers and ancillary staff? What even makes the Special Prosecutor special? Is it by name or by function when there are insufficient required “tools” and legislation for the establishment? It’s all propaganda.

A constitutional review or change is something that neither Akufo-Addo nor John Dramani Mahama will ever attempt to do because it’s never in their agenda. Both Akufo-Addo and John Dramani Mahama wear the same clothes at all times, they sing the same song and dance to the same tune and rhythm everyday.

Ɔsebɔba Yaw Adu Of The Secretariat of the 1956 United Party Tradition Committee

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