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From market women to party grassroots, NPP has lost love in Ashanti region

Former Chief Executive Officer for the Public Sector Reforms Kusi Boafo has noted that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has lost the love it used to have in the Ashanti region.

According to him, most people in the Ashanti region are fed up with the NPP and he can attest to that fact.

“For now a number of people in the Ashanti region are fed up with the NPP. From Market women to top party executives and even MPs; it was evident in the people vying as Independent candidates.”

He says currently, the choice of an appointee in the Ashanti region should be people who are critical members of the party. He believes that appointees should be people who can bring back the love the NPP had in the Ashanti region.

“Any appointee be it MMDCEs and others should be critical members of the party. They should be people who can bring back the love we had in 2016 which we have lost to help us maintain the votes in the Ashanti region.

In the other 15 regions it is very difficult for the NPP to beat the NDC or even to draw. So there is the need to maximize the Ashanti region because Ashanti region has become so critical and so essential.”

He says this in mind, the NPP should be very critical in its quest to select people to leadership positions in the region and also focus on the various projects intended for the region so that the region also doesn’t fall for the NDC.

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