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From Nana Yaw Darlington’s folder

When I said earlier that some people, especially some individuals in Tain district, are into politics for their selfish gains and greediness. I can clearly recall the sort of attacks, both spiritual and physical, that I have gone through. Today, the same people who attacked me verbally are calling and pleading with me to forgive them for whatever they attempted doing to me.

I am not God to decide on people’s fate however, as a creature of God on earth, I will only go on my knees to ask for forgiveness on their behalf subject to God’s own discretion, and depending on the mindset that pushed them to act, and the intended gravity of its intended effect.

How on earth can people be so heartless and greedy to the extent of wanting to grab everything for themselves?

Someone who had proposed another fellow for a DCE appointment is finally seen among the list competitors with his proposed nominee. Where can this happen if not in my beloved home district, TAIN District !!!

From now on, my message and advice will resonate in everyone’s mind, and will take them seriously.

Let’s stop the greediness and give opportunities to the young ones and the voiceless ones as well.

#GodHaveMercy !

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