Gabi DeFeel – BBF [Bibia BɛYɛ Fine]


BBF [Bibia BɛYɛ Fine] translates into English as “everything will be alright”. The acronym started off as the daily text and oral slogan used by Gabi’s record label’s management team but has now broadly ended as one used by her fans too as a motivation greeting to pep up each other in almost every chit-chat. When chatting with a Gabi fan or her team members in text or verbal, you see or hear them using “BBF” every now and then in their replies.

In “BBF”, Gabi strongly encourages us to work diligently towards our goals. Check the song out and keep it to a repeat daily play as an action spark while you go about endeavors.

SONG LANGUAGE PERCENTAGE: English 95%, Patois 4%, Ewe 1%.


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