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GAF promotes Col. after Journalist’s saga

The appointment of Lieutenant Colonel (Lt-Col) Frank Agyeman as the substantive Commanding Officer (CO) of the 64 Infantry Regiment of the Ghana Army has received varied feelings.

As personnel of the former commando unit, with its motto, Dare Not, celebrate the return of their first organic Commanding Officer amid high morale, a section of the public deem it as a reward for the alleged misconduct on the Citi FM/TV journalist.

Lt Col Agyeman, until last week Thursday May 20, 2021 was the Director of Operations at the National Security Secretariat. His secondment and that of three policemen to the security body was, however, reversed according to a letter from the National Security Minister, Kan Dapaah.

Lt Col Agyeman was with the regiment since his graduation from the Ghana Military Academy (GMA) as a lieutenant.

At the unit, he held positions as Officer Commanding (OC) Rear at the ranks of Captain and Major respectively and finally the Second in Command (2I/C) at the current rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Sources in the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) informed The Chronicle that just as all was inching for him to take up the position of substantive CO of the regiment, when his immediate boss was posted out, he was sent to the Army Headquarters.

Lt. Col. Appah Yaw Owusu, the CO, Jungle Warfare School (JWS), Achiase, was moved to fill the substantive position of the high morale regiment.

Information gathered by The Chronicle indicates that his secondment to the National Security Secretariat as the Director of Operations coincided with a course which he was to attend outside the country, so torn between the two, he settled for the former.

A section of the public and some security experts, however, believe that his appointment is an elevation to spite those who chided him for the incident at the ‘Blue Gate’.

According to them, the officer described as a professional military man should have been sent outside the country on a course to avoid contact with the public, instead of being the Commanding Officer.

They also hold the notion that his appointment to that high position needed to have gone through due process of the Selection Board amongst others, which could not have been done within 24 hours, after his release from the National Security Secretariat.

The letter appointing Lt Col Frank Agyeman as the CO of the 64 Infantry Regiment was dated May 21, 2021.

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