GH1 Bribes Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past – Police Administration


The Police Administration says it will shortly roll out new measures to ensure that officers exhibit professional standards of the Service.
Among such measures is a policy aimed at ensuring that acts such as bribery on the streets by some Police officers which tarnish the image of the service are curtailed.
The Director-General of Police Public Affairs, ACP David Eklu who condemned the act said the Ghana Police Service has begun action to phase out personnel tarnishing the image of the service with unprofessional conduct.
“Currently I think three Police Officers are facing disciplinary action because of some of these things. But we don’t have to wait till you are caught. I think we should be able to develop new professional Police officers who will show professionalism while on duty; whether you are the barrier, whether you’re at the charge office, whether you are an investigator, whether you are a prosecutor, you should be able to show that level of professionalism and we are working towards that.
“But this GHC1 thing is not standard policing. It is bad Policing and we don’t endorse it. You have heard about PIPS- Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Bureau. They have a new Director General now, he was here[Takoradi] as a Regional Commander and he’s bringing a lot of innovations into the system; very soon you’ll begin to hear what we are doing. And I believe that if we are able to do this well… it is not anybody who will tell you, you are not a correct Police officer and those ones will gradually be phased out.” he told Journalists in an interaction at Takoradi.

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