Ghana didn’t deserve 1st position in Press Freedom rankings and here’s why.


Earlier this year, we patted our backs in pride for achieving the topmost position in the rankings of African countries for press freedom in 2018. However, according to the United Press for Development Network receiving that honorable laurel from international organisation, Reporters without Borders, isn’t quite the end in the journey for press freedom.

In a press statement issued by the network, “impunity for crimes against journalists has literally become the order of the day. Despite the several reported incidents of violations against journalists, punishment of perpetrators has been very rare, if any at all.”

The statement comes as a reminder to the country’s leadership to take up the cause of protecting the rights of the many journalists who are abused all too often in the cause of undertaking their duties.

According to the network, if the thirty-one(31) instances of assault of journalists and media personel is anything to go by, “this culture of impunity for crimes against journalists only emboldens perpetrators and encourages others to abuse journalists.”

The network however urges that involving the government’s attention will “mount more pressure to curb this evil and disgraceful canker.”

In the meantime, we can only hope.


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