Ghana Police Is Under Attack, NPP Executing Their Plans To Create A Culture Of Silence

Today the puppy is licking  the lips of the master.
When they were promoted to be Commanders they thought all they could do is to please their pay masters. So they started intimidating NDC members in the service with transfers and behaving the big boy style like the former Volta Regional Commander Mr Duku who lied on national Television to make his paymasters happy at the expense of innocent people who were shot in cold blood.
Imagine somebody like the blockheaded Wontumi could tell the whole world even IGP is nothing before him and could not touch his delta forces and truly the words of Wontumi triumphed because the commander and IGP wanted to protect their jobs. The selfishness of the IGP has made him very “useless” at the Shorts committee where the invisible forces in the national security virtually kept him in the dark with their operations.
Police Commanders today are controlled by delta forces and invisible forces and their Npp paymasters.
*Kennedy Agyapong has proven he is in charge. He shouted at the police commander and commander became calm. I was shocked they couldn’t arrest him.*
Hahahahahaa. Ghana is not safe anymore. If a whole Regional Commander could be humiliated this way what do you think will happen to the constable?
These same Police officers after giving them single spine turned against us and voted for Npp in 2016. Here they are today in the hands of the monsters. The political monsters who wouldn’t  allow them to operate.
I remember the arrest of most of our boys by Kofi Boakye in Kumasi under our watch because we wanted the rule of law to prevail.
Today the police are  people in black uniform who are paid because they are in uniform while their jobs are executed by Kan Dapaa, Wontumi and Kennedy Agyapong. What a country!
I know Ghana police have learnt their lessons. It’s not too late for them to repent from turning away from NDC that once a time made them gain dignity and respect in the sight of the world.
Am not surprised of the happenings to our men and women in uniform because if a “crook” like Madam Tiwaa Addo  who soiled her hand in the huge corruption scandal involving the current deputy Chief of staffs could be the CID boss then we are doomed as a nation.
Mr Police Officer, your colleague Regional Commander has been assaulted and humiliated in public. The next could be you.
Junior Officer, even if your boss who was appointed by this government is maltreated this way how much more you a new recruit? How much more you Mr constable, how much more you Mr ACP, how much more you Mr Inspector.
Inspector of Ghana police is taking home less than 2,500 Ghana Cedis and a fake mobile phone repairer called Double employed as national security operative takes home over 9,000. Over to you Mr Police Officer, Over to you men and women in uniform.
*Officers speak out before one day these criminals in Npp remove your uniform in public.*
Am a citizen, Not spectator!
*Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO*

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