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“Ghana should be the 1st peaceful country in Africa not the second ” – Nigerian

Boryben Jesudara a Nigerian Film editor, Cinematographer and TV Production head who has been operating and working in Ghana over 7years  is of the view that , Ghana is supposed to be the most peaceful country in Africa and second in the world.


Speaking to the media and fellow country men ,  he opined that he disagrees with the Global Peace Index 2021 reports that puts Ghana second and Mauritius on top spot.

Ghana was ranked as the second most peaceful country in Africa and 38th in the world. A survey which was put together by Institute for Economics and Peace [IEP].

According to IEP they ranked peace in this countries based on the following:

Political stability, violent demonstrations, violent crime, weapons imports, internal conflict, neighbouring country relations and others

The  ranking comes on the back of recent increase in crime, daylight robberies and  stuff.

The Nigerian who has fallen in love with Ghana said it’s very sad to see his Fatherland Nigeria ranked  the 6th least peaceful country in Africa and 147 most peaceful country in the world.

‘I am very happy working here in Ghana for the past 7years. I have enjoyed peaceful atmosphere and good working relationship with Ghanaians. They are loving people with a good heart ‘ he said .

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