The word slay queen has become one of the most used phrases in Ghana due to the activities of some women on social media. Slay queen is used to describing ladies who often show off on social media because of the way they dress. In Ghana, there are some photo models who are regarded as slaying queens due to their ‘hot’ photos and showing cleavages.

They are either receiving accolades for their body figure or people are liking the dress they wore. Here, we bring to you eight most popular slay queens in Ghana. 1. Jjorm Jjorm is one of the top slay queens on Instagram. On her Instagram page, Jjorm wrote that she is an entrepreneur, actress, musician, commercial model, brand ambassador and humanitarian. Jjorm, however, do not get attention because of all the professions she listed in her bio. Instead, Jjorm is noted for posting very attractive photos of Instagram. The ‘slay queen’ receives a lot of likes and comments because in almost all her pictures, Jjorm reveals some cleavages. Since she has a beautiful figure, her pictures receives a lot of attention, making her one of the top slay queens on Instagram. Jjorm owns a wine shop aside slaying.


2. Mi Lady Afia Afia is one of the most sought after slay queens on Instagram. Day in day out, she posts very attractive pictures that receive a lot of likes and comments. Afia good sense of fashion, revealing cleavages and her body figure are the elements that gives her a lot of attention on Instagram. Afia has been featured in some few music videos depicting that soon she will become a video vixen.


3. Nana Ama Dee Nana Ama Doreen is one of the most loved slay queen on Instagram because of her good body looks. Almost all the time, Nana Ama is seen posting very beautiful photos on Instagram for which she receives a lot of likes and comments. On her Instagram, Nana Ama Dee describes herself as a photo model. With over 15,000 followers on Instagram, Nana Ama Dee seems to grab a lot of attention with her ‘tundra.’

4. Eyram Eyram is a top Instagram slay queen due to her beautiful photos that she posts often. Eyram on her Instagram page describes herself as a brand influencer, brand ambassador and a photo model. Her photos receive a lot of attention because Eyram is fond of wearing fashionable dresses in a quest to advertise them. As the face of Sultan Drink Ghana, Eyram has advertised and modelled for a lot of brands in Ghana.

5. Afia Ansah Her bubbly body is always the center of attraction on Instagram, making her one of the top slay queens in Ghana. Afia Ansah who often posts beautiful pictures on her Instagram page receives a lot of likes and comments since she reveals some cleavages. Her thick figure is one that is often talked about as well as her ardent support for popular rapper, Sarkodie makes her popular. With over 36,000 followers on Instagram, Afia Ansah describes herself as a fashion and lifestyle personnel.


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6. Ama Endorsed Ama Endorsed has become a household name in Ghana due to her beautiful photos that she posts on Instagram. Describing herself as interior designer and consultant, Ama Endorsed receives a lot of attention on Instagram especially with photos that she reveal cleavages. Due to her thick figure, Ama Endorsed gets lot of likes and comments on her photos. With over 53,000 followers on Instagram, she is one of the top slay queens in Ghana.



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