Ghana’s Porous Borders Are A Threat To The Nations’ Security- “De3 Ekeka Ko Yi” Program Crew


    The influx of illegal immigrants into a country has some dire consequences of which a deepen of the insecurity and an increase in the crime rate of a nation are no exceptions. This is due to the fact that when immigrants enter a country illegally, they avoid immigration scrutiny and through that get lots of criminals to freely enter, and one of the easiest ways for illegal immigrants to enter into a country is when the country has very weak borders.

    The Production Crew of “De3 Ekeka Ko Yi” Program hosted by Maame Asiedu Adepa on Solid Fm, Kumasi as a result are of the belief that the increase in crime rate such as kidnappings, contract killings, robberies and others in Ghana, which as a result are making the country very unsecured has the easy inflow of illegal immigrants into our country as the major reason. Note, the flooding in of our country of these illegal immigrants has become so because of the weak nature of our borders.



    In fact, checks by our production crew at most of the border posts of Ghana such as Aflao, Bawku, Bonsukrom and others all depict that our borders are indeed very weak, and this has therefore aided crime and its perpetrators to increase in the country because they have found Ghana to be a safe haven for them and their activities.

    The “De3 Ekeka Ko Yi” Program Production crew of Solid Fm, Kumasi will therefore advise the head of the Ghana Immigration Service to tighten its security and checks at all the border posts of the Country, and also within the country so that crime occurring, as a result, illegal immigration can be reduced to the barest in Ghana.

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