GIJ impasse: GJA boss urges flexibility, consensus between management and students

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The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) President, Dr Roland Affail-Monney has appealed to the Management of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) to have a dialogue with students in order to settle matter of school fees and others amicably.

That, he was of the belief will tone down the apprehension of students in order to prevent them from organising further demonstrations.

Students of the GIJ who could not meet the deadline of the payment of their school fees were asked to defer their course.

According to the students, after paying penalties due to failure to meet deadline of paying the school fees, they were also denied access to registration amongst other complaints.

The matter which did not go well with the students informed them to embark on a peaceful demonstration..

Speaking with Ekourba Gyasi Simpremu on Atinka TV’s Morning show, Ghana Nie, Dr Affail-Monney was of the belief that lack of dialogue between the management of the school and the students informed the recent behaviour of the students.

“We all know things are hard, especially amidst the covid-19 pandemic. Even at the micro level, or the national level, things are hard, you can imagine what is happening at the micro level. We will appeal to Management of the GIJ to sit down with students and listen to them,” he said.

Dr Affail-Monney added that,”If it is their rules that if you don’t pay the fees you have to defer, rules are made for man, and the man has control over the rules and so if you look at the circumstances and you notice that if you apply the rules it will not help or it will bring hardship, it is a matter of being flexible.”

He stressed that,”We are urging flexibility, we are urging understanding , we are urging consensus between the school authorities and the students.”

The GJA boss said he will personally call the Rector of the school to tell him how the GJA feels about the decision of the school as stakeholders, saying that GIJ is a public institution and is supposed to serve the public.

“We will take some steps to ensure that there is peace so that management can do their work and students can also go back to their normal studies,”

Speaking about the deferral, he said the students have a case because parents have to go through a lot before they can provide the fees for the students, adding that the school should reconsider its decision on that.

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