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God is not an author of confusion – Evangelist slams contrasting prophecies on elections

Renowned radio and TV evangelist, Kingsley Agyenim Boateng has taken a swipe at prophets and religious leaders who have made predictions about the December 7 elections.

There have been various prophecies about the elections. While some prophets and mallams have claimed a victory for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, others have identified John Mahama as the winner of the polls.

Touching on the issue on his Kasapa FM programme, Reverend Agyenim Boateng criticized the religious figures for veering off the path of God.

According to him, God is ‘not an author of confusion’ and will not give contradicting prophecies on a national election.

He noted that their actions could plunge the nation into chaos as they raise, their hopes of party fanatics.

Reverend Agyenim-Boateng explained that it is important men of God serve us instruments of peace instead of making pronouncements that have the potential to disrupt the peace in the country.

“To those prophets using prophecies to cause division in the country, are you sure you are men of God? Every man of God stands for peace and your prophecies are not helping matters. If your prophecy does not come to pass then you are infusing the youth to create confusion in the land. You are not a good pastor. You are standing with the devil to destroy the land,” he said on Kasapa FM.

He urged Ghanaians to be wary of unscrupulous people who parade themselves as men of God.

“Let God be the final say. If we don’t stop the divisive prophecies, we will destroy the nation by the time we realize. Ghanaians should realize that some pastors are fake. God is an author of confusion. God cannot say this today and say a different thing tomorrow. He is a just God,” he said.

He reiterated the need for the Ghanaians to protect the peace and tranquillity currently being enjoyed.

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