Government must reconsider Agriculture studies in Schools – Educate Ghana Summit

Agriculture, in brief, is the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.
Therefore, what is the fate of agriculture in Ghana today?
We have lost the concept of agriculture.
If care is not taken, there will be a *national famine again. School children in our basic schools today do not know what agriculture as a study entails.
Curriculum deficit!
The 2007 reviewed curriculum disregards agricultural education in Ghana.
Per the review, Agriculture is no more a subject to be studied in our basic schools.
It is said to have been incorporated into the integrated science.
However, it is just an insignificant fraction that has been captured in the integrated science.
What has happened to the school gardening system?
There is no practical concept to our food production field ( Agriculture) in our education system. The exclusion of agriculture from our basic school curriculum is limiting agricultural development in Ghana.
We hereby call on the government to re-include agricultural education in the basic school curriculum. The worse of it is the lack of attention by government to agricultural education in our tertiary institutions.
Agricultural colleges are not branded to attract students to that field of study. The few that endeavored to get enrolled in the food production field of study are given least or no attention by the government.
We are grateful for the policy initiated by the Nana Addo government *” Planting for food and job”*.
We advise that maximum attention is given to agricultural education in Ghana.
Mr. Boadi William
Mr.Nsah Kwao
Ag.V/R Coordinator
Mr. Teyie  Godwin Selassie
Ag. V/R Secretary.

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