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Government to ban speaking of Ewe and one other language in Ghana? NPP MP boldly tells captain smart

Alhaji Boniface Sadique who is a member of Parliament for Madina and former MP in the northern region has made a shocking revelation while speaking with Captain Smart on his show.

Speaking during the show with captain smart on Angel TV titled Anopa Bofo, he boldly explained to Kwamina Sam Biney that the government is taking steps to ban the speaking of local languages in basic schools like Ewe and Asante Twi so as to bridge the gap between all of the kids.

According to him, speaking of local languages at school brings about a lot of division among the children. He further stated that it is important that they all speak a common language of English or french to bring harmony among them.

He further stated that the new law won’t be forceful but the law underway will get rid of tribalism and disunity.

Captain smart who was interviewing him was not in support because according to him, the speaking of local languages helps the upbringing of children and he even it is frequently used in teaching and learning.



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