Guys; Don’t ever consider marrying these 10 types of ladies


Marriage is an institution created by God.However ,if you reach the level or a stage in life where it is right for you to marry then you do.

But the stage where you have to choose is the most important and very critical.A mistake you make here will live with you with the rest of your life.A lifetime partner unless divorce which isnt encouraged in every cultural setting in the world.

That’s why it is very important to make the right choice so you don’t regret later.Therefore puts together for you 10 types of ladies you dont have to consider marrying;

1. The Gold Digging lady


Any lady who is a Gold-Digger will praise you on your expensive watch, seems to be only interested in the kind of car you drive.

What you do for a living–of course , its normal and Okay for any lady to be interested in what his prospective husband does, but the intention is what matters.Where you live and so on.

Any lady who is a Gold Digger is primarily looking for a sugar daddy(already made man).She will squeeze you up within the first ten minutes and drop you quickly when your cash flow runs out.

When you can’t take her shopping anymore, that’s where the problems and “wahala” starts.These types of women will suck your wallet dry and leave you hanging.

In our modern and internet world today, you can fortunately see this type coming from a meter away. She always wants to write out the names and display all her designer items and post it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

2. The lady who is Overly-Criticallady-obama-lies

If it is not according to her own standards ,absolutely nothing seems to work.When someone says something, she will be quickly take that out of context for it to become some sort of insult.

She will find some reason in that to wage war against you or the world.This type of woman has plenty of emotional baggage and will make you an angry and bitter person as there will be nothing but misery with her.

These types of ladies are not content with everything you do for them.Do whatever you can do for this type of lady;it is simply not good enough.

3. The Desperate lady


When a woman advances WAY faster than normal,watch out. She is so badly in need of a man that she’s willing to put anybody in that spot, even the homeless guy she finds.

They always seems fantastic at first meeting or during the early stage of the relationship.

Wait till she starts with her location of your wedding ceremony.Meanwhile,you two have not talked about marriage.

Always jumping before time and asking questions like “how many kids she wants and the name of your future dog just after the first date!

That’s not a good thing.A good marriage material can have hopes and be expectant as some point but doesn’t have to sound and look desperate.

5. The high maintenance Bae


She was told by her parents that she was a princess. However,she expects to be treated like one at all times.

Let this type of a lady breaks any of her “artificial” nail, she expects you and might even force you to drop everything you’re doing to drive her to the salon immediately.

Her taste are expensive and always wants you to shower her with only the best things and take her out to flash and expensive places on a regular basis, even if you can’t afford.

And with these types,if you don’t have a lot of money and the quest for luxury, don’t even bother or worry yourself.

6.The Chatterbox lady

Don't ever consider marrying these 10 types of ladies- chatterbox-lady
Don’t ever consider marrying these 10 types of ladies

This type of lady is obnoxious ,f*olish and a loquacious talker.Pure blabber.

She never never shuts up, always talking and barely stops to breathe.

One interesting thing about these kind of ladies is that , they think they everything and Seemingly only concerned about what is going on in her life. That’s her only concern.

She always has to make a comment about everything and dominates conversations.Madam all knowing, meanwhile nothing.

7. The Feminist


Relating to or advocating for the equal rights for women is not bad in its real terms but this type of lady in this sense can never be pleased by a man.

She believes that men are the cause of all the pains and suffering of society. She is mostly of the strong belief that women are much more intelligent than men and are capable of doing things “the right way”.

You don’t want to waste any time with this type of woman because anything that you do will always be negative to her.She think she can do it best and is better than you.

8. The Cling lady

Akosua Puni
Akosua Puni with Michael Essien- Behind them is Stephen Appiah

This type of a woman seems to be a nuisance who can’t go anywhere or do anything without the company of her boyfriend.

She will more or less adopt your interests even if she is not interested.

For example if she hates football before meeting you , she will forcefully adopts that as her interest–just to follow you to the DSTV center if you are going to watch football.

She will call 20 times a day and fly off the handle anytime she’s not around to monitor your behavior.

This type of woman will smother any chance of you missing her by insisting that you spend every waking moment with her.

She refuses to let you go out with the boys or spend any significant amount of time with anyone else. That’s not a good thing , once in a while every human at all needs time for him or herself.

10. The Baby’s Mama

Meet the 25-year-old lady who has given birth to 9 kids that includes set of triplets and twins (photos)
Meet the 25-year-old lady who has given birth to 9 kids that includes set of triplets and twins (photos)

Not entirely bad to marry a baby mama but the kinda baby mama is the issue here.

This kind of woman or baby mama is talking about has a great physique, great personality and her toes are pretty too! There only one problem–she’s got a pretty large amount of children with assorted “baby-daddy’s”.

Apparently when women like this get desperate, any kind of guy has the potential to be the“daddy.”


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