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Hajia Bintu is NOT an actress – Akwasi Boateng

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Akwasi Boateng, an entertainment pundit has come out clearly about his stand on Hajia Bintu. Well… one would ask who Hajia Bintu is. Hajia Bintu is a social media personality who in recent times has been so much involved in TikTok. Other times, she comes out with pictures flaunting her curvaceous body.

However, Mr. Boateng said,

these days, many young ladies tag themselves as actresses because they are able to make a few numbers on social media with their content.


Many of her fans think she could be a good actress because of her ability to express herself in the videos she posts online as well as her the display of her sexy pictures, however, the experienced entertainment pundit thinks otherwise.

According to Akwasi Boateng, the beautiful Hajia Bintu only has content for TikTok and can also pass for a very good photo model but not as an actress as a lot of people tag her to be.

Akwasi Boateng made this statement in an interview with NYDJ on Y102.5FM’s ‘Ryse N Shyne’ radio show.

He said;

“The content she has now can grow her brand as a photo model and not as an actress. She has content but her content is for being a photo model. Every content has a particular career that it pursues.
She puts out pictures and people like them. She could even get brand endorsements from that but that doesn’t make her an actress”,

In his concluding submission, Mr. Akwasi Boateng said that the basic requirement for one to pass for an actress is the ability to have content. A content that can sell to the general public without a struggle.

He added by saying;

Once there is a material that the public is willing to consume, then the person can get a certain mileage.





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