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Hawa Koomson Details How A Terrible Dream Forced Her to convert from Islam to Christianity

Member of Parliament for Awutu Senya East Constituency Hawa Koomson has opened up about how she quit the Islamic Religion to become a Christian.

It is mostly expected that Muslim women marry men from their religion and even if they marry out of their religion, their husbands are expected to join the Islamic religion.

But Hawa Koomson who is a Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister said she did not toe the normal line but agreed to marry a Christian.

She said while speaking to Accra-based Metro TV’s Paul Adom Otchere in an interview that “I decided to marry a Christian even though I was a staunch Muslim. I didn’t have it easy but I sail through. Normally, it will be expected of me to marry a Muslim but I didn’t. The idea was that I will be practising my religion and my husband will practice his”.

She said one day, she had a terrible dream at dawn and called on her husband so they pray together.

Hawa Koomson who had practised Islamic Religion after over twenty years said after the dream and the subsequent prayer with her husband, she converted to Christianity and has since not looked back.

“The Prayer worked and I told him that I will be going to church with him on Sunday, he thought I was joking but on Sunday I woke up early and prepared breakfast. He’s a Methodist so I joined the Methodist and since then I’ve remained a Methodist,” she said.


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