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‘Hookup’ not same as prostitution because we don’t stand by roadside – Popular Hookup queen says

A young lady whose hookup activities dates back to 2009 says the act cannot be termed as prostitution.

To her, prostitution is when a lady stands by the roadside and bargain with men for sex and are paid as little as GHC 70 for short time.

She indicates that with hookup, the lady has the power to charge GHC 200 for short time and these negotiations are done only through the internet.

“Hookup cannot be termed as prostitution. This is because we don’t stand by the roadside. Everything we do is online and we are able to charge more as compared to those who stand by the roadside. So for me hookup is a private business which cannot be deemed as prostitution,” she told SVTV.

She indicated that hookup in Kumasi is not lucrative because the men there are stingy and that to make it from the trade, there is the need to focus on moving to Accra where all the action is.

“I will never go to Kumasi for hookup. The men there are stingy and not worth it. They don’t pay so you see that all the girls have moved from Kumasi, Sunyani and even the North to settle in Accra and are plying their trade here. No hookup girl should think of plying their trade in Kumasi because it’s not worth it,” she said in an interview restreamed by

Hookup is a new wave in Ghana where men and women set themselves up on the internet, meet up and have good sex after which the men pay for services rendered.


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