Hot video: Man beaten to death after kids falsely accused him of being a kidnapper


A young man has been beaten to death in Anambra State, Nigeria after some children he was chasing accused him of being a kidnapper when in fact he was not a kidnapper.

According to the reports in local media, Paschal was driving through the town of Umuoji when some young kids throwing stones broke his windshield and took to their heels.

As expected, he stopped and chased them and caught one of the kids. The remaining children run home and told people that a kidnapper has taken their brother.

Without waiting to listen to his side of the story, they chased Paschal down, stripped him and started beating him to an inch of his life. He was only saved by police officers who were passing by.

Paschal was rushed to the hospital where he was immediately operated on but he passed away anyway. Local reports reveal he passed away an hour after the operation.

People who saw what happened when the kids broke his windshield came forward and the kids finally spoke the truth.

Already a hashtag #Justice4Paschal is trending on Twitter. A Twitter user shared a video of when he was being carried from where he was beaten and tears have been flowing since.

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Always Say not to Instant justice.

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