HOT VIDEO: “I will Vote Against Mike Ocquaye”- Ameyaw Cheremeh

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As the Speaker of the 8th Parliament of Ghana, Alban Sumana Bagbin was elected.

The candidate nominated by the ruling party was unable to win the race to become Speaker of Parliament for the first time in Ghana’s history.

Instead, the opposition candidate won the election carried out and voted for by members of parliament.

The results show that 2 MPs of the ruling NPP didn’t vote for their party’s candidate after the election.

One of them voted for Alban Bagbin, the NDC candidate, and the other decided to ruin his ballot paper.

Many have fingered some MPs as being the ‘Judases’ who, based on their bad relationship with Mike Ocquaye or their good relationship with Alban Bagbin, sabotaged the NPP’s candidate.

A video appeared on the internet that threatened the NPP MP of Sunyani East Ameyaw Cheremeh not to vote for Mike Ocquaye should he be nominated by the President.

He knows that if he nominates him, the President will vote for Mike Ocquaye, so he should not make the mistake of nominating him.

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