Hotel used as quarantine centre chases N/R Health Directorate for GH¢219,000 bill


A hotel that served as a quarantine centre for some COVID-19 patients is breathing on the neck of government for it to honour debt obligations standing in the region of GH¢219,000.

This is as a result of the accumulation of hotel expenses incurred during the quarantine period of some Guineans and Burkinabe who entered the country illegally.

The facility also housed some medical staff of the Tamale Teaching Hospital in early April when the region recorded its first 10 cases.

The Northern regional health director, Dr. Eleeza John Berntson, made this known at an interaction with media personnel in the region on Tuesday, May 12.

“We were slapped with a bill of over GH¢219,000 by the hotel operators,” he said.

“The people are chasing us left-right-centre and this was after we decided to quarantine medical staff so we’re being careful we don’t create a situation that the region cannot handle.”

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Though he is optimistic the bill will be settled by the central government, he is sceptical about the bureaucracy involved that might impede future quarantine efforts.

The Northern Region has so far recorded 19 cases of coronavirus.

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