Moesha Bodoung
Moesha Bodoung

Surprisingly, actress Moesha Bodoung says Ghanaians should refrain from making false statement about her to have been depending on men for survival. But the fact that she does not flaunt her business does not mean she’s not working hard. My News Ghana Reports.

She made this known while reacting to claims that a man sponsored her trip to BET awards in the U.S.

She indicated that she’s a businesswoman of high repute and does not need to flaunt her business before people get to respect her for that.

She said “It is interesting that anyone would think that. I did not go on any man’s ticket, I was invited and I went. I think it is high time people started saying other things than this. We may not be out there with our business but some of us are working, really working behind the scenes”.


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