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I don’t have hotels in Dubai, NPP lied – Mahama

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Former President John Dramani Mahama has challenged the governing Patriotic Party (NPP) to adduce evidence to support claims that he built hotels in Dubai.

Mr Mahama said at a campaign rally in Accra that when he was in office, several lies were told about him by the then opposition NPP including the claim that he had built a hotel in Dubai and also awarded contracts to his brother Ibrahim Mahama.

He said, for the three-and-a half years that the NPP has been in  office they have not be able to adduce any evidence to support their claim.

“Give me one evidence of a contract that I gave to my brother to dredge the Odaw river. My brother was doing the project free of charge, he never charged a pesewa but you had  leading figures of the saying I gave the contract worth GHS 200million.

“They said I had built hotels in Dubai, I have ships in Tokyo, they said DKM was mine.

“If I have hotels is in Dubai I dare them to go and look for it, sell it and come and invest the money in Ghana’s economy,” he said.


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