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I Support Candace Owens’ Actions Against Facebook

Facebook has for some time been noticed to be very bias against conservatism, capitalism, red and the right’s ideologies, a worrying situation consistently being openly showcased and witnessed since the 2016 USA Presidential contest and elections through their extreme bias stance against the Republican Party, its Presidential Candidate, and supporters, and the general opinions and activities of the right.

Since that period, all that Facebook has been monitored to be doing has been their consistent attempts to sanction conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters for their pro-rights comments and activities, while the left and liberals have been left to say and do whatever quenches their political thirst, even the worst of their evil activities on this giant social media platform.

Candace Owens was recently sanctioned by Facebook following her comments about Senator Kamala Harris after her nomination as the Running Mate to Joe Biden, Democratic Party’s Presidential Aspirant.

The exact comment of Owens was;
“I am SO EXCITED that we get to watch Kamala Harris, who swore into congress as an “Indian-American”, now play the “I’m a black a woman” card all the way until November.
Fun times ahead!”

Following Facebook’s “blatant Censorship” of Owens, the BLEXIT founder publicly made known that she would be suing the social media platform for its attempt to suppress public speech and opinion especially when none in the statement she made was falsehood or injurious.

Candace Owens is an African-America woman and also the founder of the Black Exist (BLEXIT) foundation, a foundation dedicated to the advancement of urban and minority communities by encouraging youth to seek and take advantage of opportunities in the 21st Century America, with its major target being the African-American.

Facebook is gradually losing its credibility and has become a major concern for the many open media, free opinions and speech activists around the world. The hypocritical actions of the social media giant is indeed a rape of society, particularly the right, and an infringement on the rights of the targeted people; President Donald Trump and his followers, Republicans, Conservatives, capitalists and Pro-Right activists in general, and as a result, it should not be allowed to fester and further breed.

Such actions should be fiercely fought and resisted so as to send a strong signal to all such media networks with similar agenda to intimidate, denigrate, sabotage, and stifle the right’s ideology, to restrain, rescind, rethink and reshape their carefully thought-through anti-Right agenda.

Candace Owens has started well and she must be supported fully and firmly, she must be encouraged so that she doesn’t shiver, stutter and backslide in this humanity saving agenda of hers. She has indeed acted bravely and she needs the support of all.

I support Candace for the exposure of Harris and also her decision to stand up against Facebook.


Hhhmm, May God be praised always

Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

Member, Critical Thinkers International (CTI)

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