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Cape Coast North MP, Dr. Minta Nyarku Supports Construction of ICT Centre for Essuekyir Basic School

Cape Coast, 23rd June, 2021,

ICT education is gradually becoming a norm within every society in Ghana and as such every community is trying very hard to have their own ICT Centre for the purposes of educating their inhabitants.

The idea of Essuekyir community to have an ICT Centre for their Basic School cannot be over emphasised.

This is because the provision of ICT infrastructure helps teachers to interact with students. It also supports preparation for instructional sessions. Again, ICT infrastructure helps in effective use of ICT software and hardware for teaching and learning process, improves teaching skills, and supports innovative teaching among others.

In today’s day and age, the world is in the information technological era and the provision of ICT centres within developing countries is a necessity but unfortunately, governments are unable to support that alone.

It is with this necessity that, the Youth With Focus (YWF), a non-governmental and non-profit Organization over the weekend organised a fund raising ceremony at the Essuekyir School Park with the aim of raising money to construct an ICT Centre for the Essuekyir Basic school.

At the fund raising ceremony, the Member of Parliament for Cape North Constituency, Dr. Kwamena Minta Nyarku aka Ragga, who was the chairman for the occasions, applauded the executives of YWF for coming up with such an initiative within his constituency.

According to the MP, he contracted Tech-Masters Consult to conduct a survey on the state of ICT studies at both Basic and Senior High Schools throughout his Constituency.

Out of the 28 schools that were involved in the survey, the findings revealed that 19 schools had standard ICT labs but with non-functional or no computers whiles the remaining 9 schools had none. Out of the 28 schools, 17 schools have some computers whiles 11 schools have no computers at all. Regarding internet facility, 6 schools out of the 28 schools had the internet facility.

“I personally have the vision of helping my constituents to have more ICT Centres filled with functional computers and I personally take this project as one my own projects”.

The MP donated 5000 cedis towards the funding of the project and pledged other support to help in the full realisation of the project.

The Assembly member for the Essuekyir community Honourable Ben Manso took the opportunity to thank the MP for his kind gesture and support for his electoral area and pledged his support for the project as well.

He further appealed to all Essuekyir inhabitants to throw their support behind the project to make it successful.

The Essuekyir inhabitants were very elated at the presence of their Member of Parliament and for his support, as well as his weekly visits to the constituency.

In attendance were family heads of all the various families within the Essuekyir community.

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