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If Angels Fight, Gospel Artistes Can Fight – Patience Nyarko

Patience Nyarko feels it is normal for fights to happen between gospel artists.

According to her, most people like to treat gospel artists as if they’re not human beings so they make a big deal out of it when there is a dispute between two gospel artists.

From her experience, gospel artists are ordinary human beings too and even the angels in heaven had a dispute between them, not to talk about human beings on earth who have flesh and blood.

“This is very common among Gospel musicians but I see it as normal because even in heaven, there was a misunderstanding among angels, how much more among us mere mortals?

“We Gospel musicians are expected to support one another just as secular musicians do but that is not the case. In my case, if I call you and you ignore me, I take it easy because I tell myself that such acts are normal.”

Even in heaven where there is God, there can be misunderstandings among angels so when it happens among we human beings, I see it as normal.” She said while speaking in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

In recent times, critics have been pointing to a lack of unity amongst gospel artists in Ghana.

They say it is unchristian for people who sing for God to have hatred for each other as it points to the fact that they may not be serving the same God.

Patience Nyarko has said that it is wrong for critics to judge gospel artists with a higher standard than the judge of other artists.

If critics can celebrate beef amongst secular artists they should not condemn beef amongst gospel artists.

“I don’t see it as a big deal so people shouldn’t worry their heads over it. I don’t bother myself over things like that because like I have already mentioned, it is normal,”

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