Veteran Ghanaian actress, Akorfa Edjeani-Aseidu has said that her separation with her previous spouse was a choice they both took.
In an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on Delay TV, Akorfa Edjeani-Aseidu disclosed that she is right now dating somebody and intending to settle down with him soon.
“Well I’m still young, I probably will remarry so I don’t think I’ll ever regret divorcing my ex-husband. For now I’m seeing someone else. You’ll never get everything you’re looking for in a man. My ex husband and I aren’t fighting, we still talk because our divorce wasn’t a bitter divorce, we understood each other and decided to get the divorce. We’re still friends,” she said
Akorfa further said, “My ex-husband never had money but I was ok with him. If you’re a good wife and your husband doesn’t have enough money and you can support why not. For me I don’t marry because of money, I don’t love a man because of his money. If you’ve money it’s a bonus. If you’re a street sweeper and I think I like you and I’m in love with you, I’ll even buy the brooms for you to sweep the streets with.”
Watch full interview below:


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