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Ama Richest Drops Wild N£ked photos

Ama Richest is one of the most popular slay queens on both Instagram and  Snapchat. She’s a nudist who flaunts her nakedness on social media as her modus operandi.

She rose to prominence in 2017 when she shared some nude photos of herself with a body painting of all the major topical issues that round in 2017.

She’s back to reinforce the bad girl image persona she has established.

See below:


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Jeremy Atus

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  1. Comment: I am totally disappointed with this nude, what do you think you are doing , what do you want that you go naked on public. I don’t think you are aware of what you are doing. I’m sorry my Sister.

  2. Comment:even the Muslims guys love this??? This is shameless…. And then again…why expose yourself?? The first question I asked myself was, where’s your mom now?? Has she seen this??? This is a disgrace honestly

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