Is Victoria Lebene Pregnant?

Is Victoria Lebene Pregnant?


Ghanaian power blogger, Eugene Osarfo-Nkansah took actress Victoria Lebene as his wife on Tuesday, June 11. Their union was held at a beautiful ceremony in Rehab Beach Club in South LA. It was a traditional marriage ceremony as well held early in the day.

The traditional ceremony was attended by close family members. The reception had a lot of celebrities including actresses, actors, singers and other musicians and media personalities.

The bridesmaids included actress Nikki Samonas and TV/Radio personality Regina Van Helvert. They were beautifully made up along with the bride. No one can do without their bridesmaids. And one is only as beautiful as who is around them.

However, there is a rumor going about that Victoria Lebene is pregnant. These days you cannot find a celebrity wedding without the bride already being pregnant. 

Looks like these days the only reason to get married is if you’ve impregnated your spouse. But can this trend be seen as something positive or negative? A newborn is a gift to all in life. The families will gather for the wedding and receive the surprise of a newborn. It’s great news but is that what is happening with Victoria Lebene?

There has been a pattern to this trend. After John Dumelo and Stonebwoy, Peace Fm’s Eugene Osafo-Nkansah seems to be the next person to have ‘forcefully’ entered marriage due to pregnancy. 

Specifically, the wedding of Lebene Mekpah to Eugene went as a white wedding have gotten social media that Lebene is pregnant. Her belly seems to be protruding in one of the shots. Perhaps confirming another miracle baby will be born very soon.

With the miracle baby who may or may not be on the way for the couple one might ask how these two met. Who got the couple together? With a union such as this celebrity one the person who got them together is important.

Ghanaian Radio and TV presenter, Abeiku Santana has revealed that he is responsible for the Union between TV personality and model, Victoria Lebene and Peace FM former staff and celebrity blogger Eugene Osafo Nkansah.

In an interview with MzGee of Joyprime at the wedding ceremony that occurred yesterday 11th June 2019, Abeiku Santana Revealed that he met Lebene when she was still rising to the top in 2016.

According to Abeiku, he helped her gain the publicity she is enjoying now. He further on went ahead and added that, the Kofi Ajorlolo story of Victoria dating him were all part of the publicity stunt. The aim was to get her into the limelight as soon as possible and since controversy sells in Ghana.

It wasn’t long before she became popular. Therefore, publicity was the name of the game was she was dating Kofi Ajorlolo but what really happened?

During Peace FM’s Eugene Nkansah and Victoria Lebene’s wedding yesterday, June 11, ace broadcaster Abeiku Santana made a confession which has raised few eyebrows.

He told MzGee of Joy News that the viral story about veteran Ghanaian actor Kofi Adjorlolo who got entangled in an amorous relationship with Lebene was totally concocted to make the lady trend.

According to Abeiku, the story was planned by him and others to help put Victoria in the public domain. “I met Victoria Lebene in 2016 when she expressed her interest to come into mainstream media.

So we had to plan everything because she was a model. And as a photo model the society would not accept her immediately. So it was a strategy. The penetration strategy, how to get her name out there, the Kofi Adjorlolo stuff, the publications, the Counsellor Lutterodt against her, they were all PR stunts,” he said.

Indeed the stunt worked perfectly as Lebene became a household name whilst others who took the story so personal lambasted the ‘old man’ for using the young actress as his energy drink.

It’s all in the past now since Victoria has found the love of Ghanaian blogger Eugene Osafo-Nkansah.

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