Issuance Of Threat


    l wish to inform the country’s law enforcement unit of a threat issued for my life by the opposition and ursurpers of the Jamestown Traditional Council.

    It has been communicated to me from a reliable source my life has been put on contract by the claimant/de facto Jamestown chief Prince Quaye,de facto chief and claimant of Dansoman Chief,Sammy Danso,Nii Okine Hero,etc.

    Things like this are not to be taken lightly and thereby implore the law enforcement unit to investigate before any catastrophe,because l might be compelled to defend both myself and my family at any given time if the need be. As I’ve had similar incident occured to me and my family once. Where l was gun whipped as a warning about a year and half ago by some hired unanimous assailant.

    Those aforementioned names who have apparently set me as their prey should be summoned for thorough interrogation and be warn thereafter in case I’m attacked.

    This death threat follows some articles I’ve written which l presume offended my suspected nemesis.

    The culprit l write again lies between Otintor, Auntie Maggie, Prince Quaye, Sammy Danso and Nii Okine Hero. please take this matter serious.

                                      Nii Kojo Danso ll 

    Source: Eric Annan//MyNewsGhana.Com

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